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Susan Rardin, M.A. FAAA Audiologist provides concierge level hearing healthcare. Her audiology practice provides industry leading hearing devices that meet demanding hearing needs at affordable prices. Hear Here provides custom tailored solutions to resolve individual communication challenges.
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Amanda James first noticed a difference early this year when she picked up a pill bottle at the Norfolk, Va., pharmacy where she worked and shook it next to her right ear. For the first time, she could hear the pills rattling inside. Hinrich Staecker, a researcher at the University of Kansas Hospital, is leading … more »
It’s that time of year again. Swimming, fireworks, humidity, we all experience it.   Sometimes these classic summer activities can be hard on our ears and hearing.   If you’ve ever experienced swimmer’s ear, you know what pain is! Swimmer’s ear, or external otitis is referring to inflammation of the ear canal.   Many people … more »
Many patients experience tinnitus which is defined as any noise in the ear or head. Most people hear a ringing sound, but others report cricket-like chirping, roaring and sometimes even a rhythmic thumping.   Although most forms of tinnitus are associated with hearing loss and there are limited treatment options available, all tinnitus symptoms should … more »